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House Painting – Ideas & Secrets

For those of you who have reached the ideal time for house painting, all you will need for this painting project besides imagination and creative mood are the right ideas & secrets that will turn your work into… a piece of cake:

Preparation for house painting

  • Cover the floor with tissue paper
  • Dust the walls and wash them with a diluted detergent solution
  • Cover the sockets with masking tape
  • Use protective glasses, gloves
  • Stock up on sandpaper (gloss removal)
  • Tape, double ladder, paint roller, brushes of at least two sizes for corners and details, putty putty, wire brush to remove old, blown paint.

Color selection

Choose the appropriate color. Although the types of paints may seem infinite, the reality is simpler because they fall into two categories:

  • Acrylic (ecological): they dry quickly, do not cause fumes, are considered environmentally friendly and completely harmless. So they are considered more suitable for children’s rooms.
  • Synthetic resin paints show better flow and better “layering”.

Secrets for proper house painting

house painting

Start interior painting from the ceiling. To avoid any imperfections and for the smoothest possible surface effect, run one hand parallel to the windows or patio doors and a second hand perpendicular to the first following the direction of the light entering the room.

Continue painting the corners between the walls and then the corners of the ceiling with a long-handled squeegee or roller making sure the amount of paint is light

In the event that you need a professional to take over the house painting project of your, you can immediately book your appointment so that we can come to your place completely free of charge and give you an initial assessment of the situation.

Painting workshop. Why should you choose a contractor?

House painting is a skill that requires a lot of experience and know-how. To get the best possible result and be satisfied with such an undertaking, especially when doing it for the first time, it is advisable to choose an experienced professional or even better a painting workshop.

By making the right choice both in the workshop and in the choice of materials and colors with the help of the specialist, you will see the appearance of your home completely change its atmosphere and feel.

A successful house painting can make even an old house look more modern and well-kept, brighter and cleaner. In other words, exterior painting can change the way we “feel” the size of a space by creating various illusions.

So, it is not an exaggeration to say that house painting is a simple form of renovation and in fact particularly simple and effective since its results are immediately visible and immediately felt.

However, there are not a few who seriously consider whether they should hire an expert or a painting workshop or try it themselves. This is also the biggest dilemma when it comes to house painting.

However, by hiring a painter you know that when you need them they will be there when they tell you and exactly how long the house painting project will take. Plus, with a paint workshop you won’t need to be at home if you can’t as it will be painted.

It goes without saying that we all want as even and perfect a result as possible in our home. So here the experience of a good painter is essentially a guarantee for the final result.

No matter how many times you have painted houses or helped in house painting projects, a painter has definitely painted more and knows exactly what to do in each case and how to do it.

In addition, if you want to make your walls a special style such as stripes or two colors, it goes without saying that you will need the help of an expert to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Regarding the cost, this depends on the workshop and whether you are willing to invest in an even result.

In the event that you need a professional to take over the house painting, you can immediately request a quote so that Gikas painters can come to your place completely free of charge and give you an initial assessment of the situation.

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