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West Caldwell Painters

Our company Montclair Painting is a family business that has been active for several years in the field of painting homes and businesses in West Caldwell and throughout New Jersey towns. With responsibility and professionalism, our experienced and specialized West Caldwell Painters always take care to meet your needs, providing you with the ideal painting or styling solutions you wish to carry out in your space.

Having completed a large number of projects in West Caldwell and closely following the developments in the technology of painting and styles we are able to offer you the best solutions for painting and renovation of your home or business.

We have modern equipment and specialized West Caldwell Painters that allow us to successfully complete any task, even in the most inaccessible places. We can undertake work on high points and painting of facades of tall buildings. Our goal is to provide you with services of high demands at the most competitive prices, as well as the consistency in the delivery times of each project in order to achieve your impeccable service.

Why choose West Caldwell Painters?

Colors play a very important role in the image of any building. A beautifully painted space with the right combination of colors stands out and hides any structural imperfections, while the opposite happens when the house is not properly painted.

West Caldwell Painters provide unlimited options to combine different colors and create a unique result in the interior and the exterior painting of your home or business.

Thanks to our long course in the field of painting, we can suggest you the right colors for a bright modern or classic and balanced space. Whatever your favorite colors or style you want your space to have, we are here to complete it successfully.

What painting services West Caldwell Painters offer?

With an appetite for creation and unlimited imagination, our experienced West Caldwell Painters can undertake the painting of:

  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Stores
  • Office
  • Facades of buildings

We also paint railings & wooden frames

In every painting project that we, West Caldwell Painters undertake, before we start the work, we carry out coverage and storage of furniture and electrical installations. We always take care and keep the space clean while taking care of the delivery of the space at the pre-agreed time.

Contact us for any small or large painting work, from one room to an entire apartment building. We will carry it out with the same responsibility and the same passion, so that you are completely satisfied with the result.

The Montclair Painting techniques we use in combination with the best quality materials, protect your home from humidity and weather conditions while giving a beautiful image of your space.

Montclair Painting preparation

In every project we, West Caldwell Painters undertake, before each painting work, when the space is inhabited, furniture and electronic installations are covered and stored. We always take care and keep the space clean using all the appropriate insulating materials.

  • We cover with nylon and paper the spaces we are going to work.
  • We also put adhesive tape on the cuts with frames, doors and windows. Paper tapes are widely used in oil painting work both for the protection of surfaces such as frames, furniture, plasterboard from their unintentional painting and for their use in various styles or separations of desired color combinations on the walls of rooms.
  • Always use the right tools, spatulas and rollers, for the kind of project we want to achieve.
  • In each project we work regularly, cleanly, assemble and remove the materials we used when completing the work.
  • We complete our work completely without leaving a point that is not in the same quality as the rest of the work.

Contact West Caldwell Painters

West Caldwell Painters will visit your place, so that we can examine it, listen to your needs and suggest you the best solution for painting or the style you wish to make in it.

If you are thinking of painting your home, get in touch with West Caldwell Painters so that we can estimate the cost of the work and find a solution for your space needs. Ask for a free estimate or contact us to answer your questions today!

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