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For us, Montclair Painting each project always remains a unique creative experience. Our customers have the first say and we, Clifton Painters provide standard support in any problem that arises. We cannot set a price in advance. However, we can come to your place for a free estimate, and after evaluating the painting project, we can give you our offer. Call us for a free cost estimate, or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

House painting for an impressive flawless result

When choosing Clifton Painters for the painting of your house there are some certain steps that we follow to produce the desired result.

Preparing a space before painting a house

When it comes to painting the interior of a house that is inhabited, undoubtedly the first step for an aesthetically pleasing result is the proper preparation of the space. As professionals, we Clifton Painters always pay special attention to the thorough coverage of all surfaces such as floors, stairs and properly insulate all furniture and appliances before painting the house. The goal, let us not forget, is the aesthetic upgrade of the house in Clifton and not finally with a rough painting and rough preparation to do the opposite.

Repair of surfaces when painting a house

It is necessary to emphasize the treatment of problems that cause constant damage to the masonry. One of the most common problems in homes is humidity. After resolving the damage caused by moisture then, before painting the house, it is necessary to follow the appropriate work on the surface of the walls. The placement of selected materials will prevent similar problems in the future, and the repetition of the painting process in a short time.

Required equipment for house painting

Tools for scrubbing surfaces, repairing and finally for painting the house is a factor that many do not pay attention to. Proper house painting requires that the tools are not damaged so that the surfaces are painted smoothly and two-tone colors and imperfections are not created. Clifton Painters have all the necessary equipment such as painting machines, sander and water jet machines to offer any method of exterior and interior painting you wish and the result is exactly what you ask regardless of area and surface.

Choosing the right paint materials for your home

The market rule “What you pay, you get” applies to paint materials. In order for the color to last over time, it is important to choose branded colors, which are suitable for the specific space. For exterior painting this factor is even more important as extensive sun exposure, rain and all weather conditions play a key role in preserving the color. In each project we choose our materials carefully and we never sacrifice quality for a more economical solution.

Experienced Clifton Painters

Every job has its difficulties and obstacles are always created that our experience of 30 years and our know-how in the science of colors gives us the confidence that in the end we will have an impeccably aesthetic coloring result which will leave you completely satisfied and we proud for the work we offer.

If you are thinking of painting your home, get in touch with Clifton Painters so that we can estimate the cost of the work and find a solution for your space needs. Ask for a free estimate or contact us to answer your questions today!

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