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At Montclair Painting, we offer our painting services to provide you with the best possible result. Whether you look for a reliable company for interior painting or for the exterior painting of your house, Verona Painters in New Jersey are near you to take over your project.

Put color in your life, starting from the… walls of your house! Your Verona Painters are here! Do you want to paint your house or just a room, the exterior walls or your new commercial building? Do you want to find a professional painter at the best market price in Verona NJ? Choose Montclair Painting and let the experts take care of everything.

Verona Painters for interior painting

Painting the interior of a building is a process that requires a series of careful handling and selection of appropriate materials. Proper preparation of a space to be painted is one of the main factors for an excellent result.

The painting provides the necessary insulation from moisture on the walls, while it also functions as a thermal insulation agent, as the heat of the house does not easily escape outside during the winter.

Having many years of experience, Verona Painters undertake the painting of your space, with passion and responsibility, always using the best materials.

Choose Verona Painters for exterior painting

We, Verona Painters undertake the painting of your space, interior or exterior, whether it is for total renovation, freshening or even a new building, using branded and quality materials.

Exterior painting is necessary to protect your space from sunlight and for this reason it is common to use mainly light colors for the exterior, which reflect sunlight.

Painting styles in Verona NJ

Are you bored of monochrome painting options in Verona NJ? Why not try a new painting style, we, Verona Painters can suggest to you. The style is the complex result that occurs from the complex application of painting. A style can be a simple color combination, an effect such as a gradient, fade, glow, darkening or embossed design.

There are many differences between the styles, both in result and in difficulty. For this reason, to achieve an aesthetically beautiful result requires a lot of experience from the craftsman, as well as talent, because the styles are more expertise  and skillfulness than just simple painting.

The styles are made in an area of ​​the house that we want to emphasize such as the dining room wall, the fireplace or the entrance. Also styles are made in children’s rooms to make the space warmer.

Montclair Painting projects in Verona NJ

Apart from residential and commercial painting, our many years of experience in the field of painting iron and metal surfaces (railings, exterior doors, etc.) but also wooden surfaces (floors, ceilings, room doors, etc.), the most perfect and always technologically renewed materials we use, the modern and consistency, have established Verona Painters in the field as one of the biggest names.

After so many years of experience, having completed many projects, we guarantee the perfect result in the painting of any iron, metal or wooden surface in Verona NJ.

Why choose Verona Painters near you in New Jersey?

At Montclair Painting, we have gained the desired painting experience that ensures your project is professionally executed from start to finish.You can trust our professional Verona Painters to successfully complete your interior and exterior painting project on time and within your budget.

Our passion to deliver perfect painting jobs motivates us to be the absolute best at what we do. We understand how important it is to have a beautifully finished interior or exterior painting project, both for your family and for resale value.

That’s why we use the absolute best materials, paints, and methods to execute your painting job. These materials include the best brands in the industry including Benjamin Moore Regal Select, Aura, and Sherwin Williams Duration or Emerald. We also can use the finest European paints including Farrow, and Ball brands.

Our painting company is also certified Lead Safe by the state of New Jersey, giving you total peace of mind with our paints. We make sure your property looks incredible with a truly professional finish.

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