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7 mistakes that painters will see in your color choices!

Some mistakes in color selection will go unnoticed by the untrained eye, but painters will see them. What are these and how will you overcome them?

Unfortunately for the average consumer, the countless color options available can do more harm than good. Only an experienced painter’s eye can see through the infinitesimal differences between related codes and explain why one is more suitable than another.

After all, marketing managers, creative directors, and color designers spend their entire careers learning about these small differences and the impact they can have on our homes and everyday lives.

Differences such as the size of the room, the orientation of the windows, and the type of lighting that are negligible to us actually have an impact. But let’s see the mistakes you make and how you can correct them.

Think of the flow of color

Before you pick up the brush and start painting, consider the floor plan of your home. By using a common transition color from room to room, you will create consistency in all rooms. This is achieved by using the same color in all corridors and entrances. You still need to think about the rooms that are in the same line and make sure they look cohesive.

When deciding on a color the adjacent rooms are an important factor, because the rhythm and flow of a house are defined as a whole. Coherent colors that form a bridge between two rooms help the house look harmonious. A good solution is to choose a color for the largest and most central room first, continuing with the colors of the rest of the rooms. That way you can’t make a mistake, expert Gikas painters claim.

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White is not simple

If you’re going to use white, make sure it’s bright. A white with gray can be a great choice for a modern or industrial home, while a creamy white like alabaster will look elegant and luxurious. The key is to understand how the shade you choose will affect the final result and at the same time think about the style you want to achieve.

Choose the shade that works best with the paintings, fabrics, and existing colors of the room and furniture. Remember that if you have a view of the garden or the terrace, it is a smart idea for the color you prefer to have a slight hint of green!

Choose the right color finish

When you choose a finish, you must calculate the use of the space. In the kitchen or bathroom, spaces that are used frequently and by many, prefer a satin or semi-gloss color. On the contrary, if you choose a color with a low gloss, you should know that it will need to be painted more often since more matte colors have less durability. The law applies “the more it shines, the longer it lasts”.

In the bathroom or kitchen, choose mold-resistant colors that wash without fading. Also, think very seriously about the colors being stain resistant. Fear not, you have options. You can find colors that are washable and resistant to all the things we mentioned in more matte shades. Just ask for it (and pay for it), painters in Montclair say!

Look up!

Why do you forget the ceiling? If the ceiling can serve you in a color other than white, go for it. If all the other walls are not white, why should the ceiling be? If you want to add color and you don’t want the same color as a wall, choose one of those found on the larger pieces of furniture in the room.

But don’t forget that whether a room looks higher or lower has to do with the color of the ceiling, but also the contrast between the color of the ceiling and the color of the walls! The more distinct the difference, the better the eye perceives the boundaries between wall and ceiling and vice versa. So remember that on a wall with intense color, the white ceiling makes the room smaller.

Choose the color of the wood carefully

The wisest choice is for all your furniture to have a wood color for a higher consistency. If the wood and the wall have a strong contrast, the boundaries of the wall are emphasized and the room seems smaller. This is also the problem with dark wood shades.

If you want to draw attention from the furniture, paint it in a shade close to the wall, if you want to emphasize the furniture, give it a big contrast! On dark walls, painters chose dark shades on the furniture, but again a shade lighter than the wall, to fade the contrast gently.

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In a small room… dare!

It is a more general perception that in a small room, painters do not use bright or dark colors. It is generally true, but it is not an inviolable condition. The bright intense hues also help to blur the boundaries of the wall by hiding the natural shadows. Bright colors create a more intimate and at the same time dramatic effect.

But what will definitely make it look bigger is to use the same paint on all the walls. Better yet, as we discussed above, choose a warm, rich color or a soft shade and paint the ceiling as well, so that the lines between the wall and the ceiling disappear.

Calculate the natural light in each room

Those rooms that north receive less light and those that are oriented to the south receive more. Simple isn’t it? So in the room that receives the least light, you want bright, light, and intense colors, while in the room that receives a lot of light, you can do as many experiments as you want! The problem is that the light received by the room is insufficient. Dark rooms can receive a lot of help from pastel colors.

Light in rooms coming from the east can have a slight blue tint, so blue and green shades maximize the effect. West-facing rooms take on a warm reddish color in the afternoons (called sunset), so shades of white, pink, and salmon blend harmoniously.

Remember artificial lighting: incandescent bulbs produce warm and yellow hues, while LEDs produce hues close to blue and white. If you want to experiment, paint an 80×80 cm watercolor with the color of your choice and observe it during the day. To get a professional painting result, ask Gikas painters for a quote!

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