If you are planning to paint the exterior or interior of your home, we, Montclair Painting can help you. The color of your space is a very important issue for us. Below you can see a sample of our work. These are different house projects we undertook to paint.

Painting a house is one of the smartest, most economical and direct ways in which we, Montclair painters can change your space, giving it a pleasant note. When we refer to the painting of a house, we mean both the exterior and the interior, always according to your needs.

Interior and exterior painting projects

Especially, in case you decide to proceed with the painting of both the exterior and interior. In this you will be assisted and guided by our experienced painters in Montclair, North Jersey from the beginning to the end of the painting projects.

It should be noted that temperature also plays a key role in the painting process. For this reason you should avoid days that are particularly hot or rainy with humidity.

In general, it is recommended to choose days for painting a house with a mild temperature. Apart from the painting of the interior, the exterior painting is equally necessary due to weather conditions such as constant exposure to the sun. The continuous exposure to the sun wears out the colors of the walls, as a result of which it is deemed necessary to freshen them.

Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

Colors play a significant role in interior painting

The choice of colors is especially important. We, Montclair painters suggest to avoid bright colors when painting small walls. In other words, bright colors will make your walls even smaller. They are still very likely to cause eye fatigue.

You should not forget that with daylight the bright colors will become even brighter. On the contrary, if you want relaxation and harmony in a space, you must combine the colors before the painting of the rooms.

Whatever colors you choose, they should be mixed well before using but also be diluted where necessary according to our painters in Montclair.

Proper painting always starts from the ceiling of the room you have chosen and then continues on the wall. Finally, of course, before applying a second coat of paint, we always make sure that the first one has dried.

Exterior House Painting

The choice of colors for painting the exterior walls of the house should be made according to the climate and weather conditions that prevail throughout the year in your area in New Jersey.

In this case we do not mean the shades that everyone chooses but the type and content of paints in insulating and waterproofing materials in order to have the greatest possible resistance to physical stress.

In other words, it is important to choose “all-weather” colors, as we say, that will last for years as winter-summer temperature fluctuations greatly affect the color fastness of your exterior wall.

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