Do you want to find out the painting options you have to change your home according to Feng Shui in Montclair? I guess you already know the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui and the harmonious placement of objects in a room in order to have balance. However, we will refer to Feng Shui painting options, which must be properly used to achieve the maximum possible results.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui consists of the 5 elements of nature. These are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each painting option, therefore, belongs to each of these elements. At the same time, each element dominates a specific part of your home, based on its orientation. For example, the south side of your house represents fire, while the north side represents water. Below we will show you what Feng Shui painting options mean and where to use them!

It is the positive energy in space, in the people around us, in ourselves, it is the balance between yin and yang, the positive and the negative. It is the art of harmonizing energy in our space.

Feng Shui is a 5000-year-old Chinese art that embraces many ancient ideas and philosophies like the Greeks. All the objects that exist in a room, the furniture, the shape of a room (especially if it is incomplete) have an extremely important role in the flow of energy and consequently, in our lives. Even the slightest decorative element, design, or painting option has this space, it has the power to either push us to achieve our goals or to act energetically against us.

One of the most important elements of our environment is the painting options that exist in it. The painting options that exist on the walls, the furniture, and the objects in our space reflect the frequencies of light, filling this space with fast or slow frequencies, depending on the shade we have chosen.

These frequencies that emit colors in a room of our home or office enter our inner Qi field and, consequently, change our energy. The right painting colors according to the positive energy of Feng Shui can activate the energy of a room positively but also respectively the wrong painting colors can block the flow of energy in the space and therefore block our personal energy.

As well as the choice of more intense, light shades have active Yang energy, while respectively choosing softer painting colors, we create a more yin calmer energy. A room painted in a bright, bright color with yang energy gives a correspondingly intense flow of energy to the people who live in it. This is of course required for a room that is activity such as a living room, the office is disastrous but for a room intended for sleep, relaxation and tranquility.

In combination with the painting options, the orientations of our space also work, which, depending on its direction, have specific properties in terms of the energy it transmits to us, which, as we have already explained, either intensify or is neutralized depending on the use of the specific room. We examine below the basic painting options while analyzing their properties and the energy they transmit to us, depending on the point of space they are in, according to Feng Shui.

1. Red painting options

It represents the element of fire in space and due to its intense energy, it symbolizes luck according to Feng Shui. Red, like purple, makes us more creative, expressive, spontaneous, bold, and generous, especially when we paint the southern part of our house. But we must be careful that the intensity of the energy of this painting option may make us more nervous, more intransigent, and more anxious. That is why it would be good not to use it to a large room, for example in the bedroom where we seek calm and relaxation.

2. Green painting options

The green color gives the energy of the earth and the trees in a room. We are painting it, especially in its lighter shade, for rooms located in the east of our space to intensify the exceptional properties while in the southeast of our space we choose darker shades of green. Painting with the green color gives us balance, ambition, a sense of growth and abundance, stability and calm. The above properties make the green color a superb choice for the children’s room

3. Blue painting options

Painting with the dark shades of blue are ideal for the southeast side of our space as in this direction the element of water is completely supported, which symbolizes the blue color. Painting a dark shade of blue will help us become persistent, communicative, true, creative, and sensitive. Respectively, if we choose a light shade of blue such as light blue or turquoise, we will enhance the calm and the feeling of relaxation.

Because, as we wrote above, blue represents the element of water, it would be good not to use it in rooms of our house where we already have a large concentration of this element such as in the bathroom.

4. Brown painting options

The brown color represents the element of wood and will be an excellent choice for rooms located on the southwest side of our space. Painting with a dark shade of brown will make us more practical, more down to earth and more focused on our goal, while painting in lighter shades, the brown color gives us a sense of stability and realism.

This painting option is ideal for rooms and spaces where correct, direct, and practical moves are required from us, such as in an office. But we will be careful not to use the color to a large extent because then there will be a sharp reduction in the flow of energy in our space.

Montclair Painting options

5. White painting options

With all the variations it can have, such as the white color of ice or the cream of vanilla, the white color comes to increase the feeling of organization, determination, “clean” decisions when we use it in our space. Especially if we use pure white color in the northeast of our space, we will favor the perspicacity, the readiness, and the correct judgment of the situations.

While if we are painting warmer shades of white such as cream and ocher for the northwest side, we will intensify the sense of responsibility, control, and dignity. We can easily combine white with any other color so that we have a balance of Qi energy.

6. Orange painting options

According to Feng Shui, the color orange is the color of the “center”. It energetically connects all directions in one space and has no specific “character”, as it reflects the energies of all directions.

Therefore, the color orange helps us to become the center of situations and attention and to combine the energies of all the people who are close to us. Ideally, the color orange is used in the center of the space, again with attention to its intensity as it can lead to the blocking of our personal energy.

Similarly, the yellow color, which belongs to the range of orange, enters the center of the space and gives joy, vitality, energy, and spiritual stimuli. But we will avoid painting yellow in case we feel anxious and want calm and relaxation because it intensifies the flow of Qi energy.

7. Black painting options

We left for last one, we would say “misunderstoodpainting color, but black which, according to Feng Shui, also symbolizes this element of water and has excellent properties, especially if used properly. By painting black, especially in the northern part of a space, we gain flexibility, focus, spirituality, professionalism, and independence.

This energy of our black color is extremely useful in having original, intelligent ideas and in having the attention of others, especially in professional matters. We pay attention to the intensity of this color as well, as it can lead us to isolation and caution.

Note that when we refer to the colors of a room, we include not only the painting color of the walls but also the colors of the furniture, the floors, the objects, the flowers-plants that are in it as well as the colors that the paintings have and decorate our walls.

So when we want to add green color to a room, according to the above instructions, we can in addition to painting its walls, add decorative objects, small or large furniture and natural plants that will give the energy of green color in that room.

Finally, we must not forget that we absolutely like and accept any addition of color energetically, otherwise, it is better not to make the specific addition. Our interior space, with everything it includes, must “embrace” us, calm us and help us with its energy, to achieve everything our heart desires!

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