Painting a house is the best way to renovate your space and increase its value. In addition, a professional and careful painting will turn your home into a warm and pleasant environment. In fact, combining the interior with the exterior painting the final result will impress you.

In 2021, our home became our refuge! We spent a lot of time inside so we noticed all those small and big flaws that we need to fix and think about all the changes we would like to make in order to get the perfect house! Now is the time to make it a reality.

1. Why choose home interior painting?

With the interior painting of a house, you have the ability to transform your space immediately and economically. The right choice of colors can drastically help improve your mood and psychology while at the same time it will make your home look vibrant, clean and tidy.

In addition, painting is one of the most important parts of a renovation and maintenance. If the cost of a total renovation seems high for the present time, with the paint of your walls you can repair any signs of moisture, mold and damage and give a modern aesthetic.

2. Why choose exterior painting?

The exterior of the house is what your guests see first. Proper exterior painting can enhance the aesthetic presence of your home and at the same time increase its value if you are interested in selling or renting it.

3. How often should a house be painted?

The frequency of painting a house, both internally and externally depends on many different factors. The most important of them is the area where it is located in combination with the weather conditions – climatic conditions that prevail in Montclair. A general rule is that the painting should be done before 5 years. However, if due to the area the humidity is inevitable during the winter period, it would be good to paint every year and specifically in summer.

4. What is the process of interior painting and how long does it take?

The process always starts with the visit of the workshop to your place. If it is a residential area, then its preparation must be done with special care. In particular, our specialized workshop, Montclair Painting will take care to cover all surfaces and furniture so that they are kept intact.

Then, a detailed check will be made as to what repair – repair of damage to the masonry is required. Something quite common in places that show humidity. In fact, in addition to the repair of these points, the installation of special materials will contribute to the future protection of the wall.

The choice of colors is the next and a very important step. Of course we do not refer only to the shade you choose, which is the one that will renew your space, but also to the quality of the colors. Choosing high quality branded colors is also the best way for guaranteed results that will last over time. Let’s start with the most basic and big changes, those on the walls


To continue reading this article means that you have decided to make changes! Before you do them, first make sure you are informed about this year’s trends. There are three colors that will be “worn” a lot this year: gray, blue and white.

  • Gray: This is an elegant and relaxing color that is the ideal choice for any home and business space. Although imposing, it is flexible, leaving room for free combinations with all shades. It has the ability to highlight furniture and decorations made of marble, wood and metal.
  • Blue: It is a neutral color that perfectly serves any space. It is the ideal choice for shaping an elegant and modern space. Its cool shades are suitable to create a minimal aesthetic. The perfect combination is gray, beige and brown.
  • White: The color that loves contrasts, wood details, shine, light and textures. It has many shades from beige sand to absolutely white. Whatever you choose will make your space look even more neat and organized and will certainly give generously the feeling of absolute cleanliness.

Finally, the painting of all the walls begins with the use of the appropriate equipment which will ensure a smooth paint without gaps and multi-colors. Whether it is for interior or exterior, Montclair painters can take care of the ideal result.

5. House painting costs

The cost of painting a house is not always fixed as it depends on the type of colors you choose, the square footage and whether it is exterior or interior. The best way to get a detailed cost estimate is to contact Montclair Painters for a free estimate.


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